Questions you should consider when choosing a wedding photographer (and how I respond to them)

Q:  How many photographers will be there?

A:  You’ll probably find that most wedding photographers either go it alone or in many cases have an assistant (who helps herd the guests but doesn’t actually take any photographs).  In my case there are always two fully qualified photographers in attendance.  Certainly when the time for 'herding the guests' comes, one of us takes on that responsibility, but for the vast majority of the day you get two different perspectives on your special day.  For example, if you choose the Emerald or Diamond package, at the start of the day one of us will be with the bride for her preparations while the other spends time with the groom and best man.  We come together at the ceremony and take our positions; one near the front (discretely off to one side so as not to get in the way) while the other generally stands at the back of the congregation and takes in the wider atmosphere of the ceremony.  This approach is simply not possible with only one photographer.

Q:  How much time do you spend with us?

A:  If you choose the Emerald or Diamond package we’ll be with you for as long as you want us (within reason!).  We start as the bride and groom prepare themselves and work through until at least the first dance.  You’ll find this is usually 10 hours or more.  For the Pearl package we'll attend for the service through to the end of the speeches at the reception.

Q:  Do I get a pre-wedding photograph?

A:  Yes indeed, if you choose the Diamond package.  Before your big day we take some time out to get to know each other with a complimentary pre-wedding shoot.  This is a casual event where we visit a nearby location of your choice and capture some relaxed moments before the pressure of the big day.  As a token of our thanks for choosing us we’ll provide you with a framed 12” x 8” image of your choice from the shoot.

Q:  What if things go wrong?

A:  Your wedding is a one-time event, so we do everything in our power to manage all eventualities.  For example, both photographers hold full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.  We also both use top of the range professional cameras, lenses and other equipment to minimise the risk of mechanical failure, but just in case we both always have backup cameras to hand.  Our care of your images doesn’t stop there, with all files backed up on separate storage devices held in different physical locations (so even if one of our premises burned down, your master images would be safe)

Q:  What if I’m not happy with the work you produce?

A:  I sincerely hope this will not be the case (whether you choose us or any other photographer), but if you have any cause for concern the best thing to do first is to talk to us. As a further level of confidence, I am a member of the Guild of Photographers, who provides an arbitration service for all its members in cases where issues can’t be resolved directly between the photographer and client.

Q:  Are you insured?

A:  Absolutely!  Both photographers carry comprehensive professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Q:  What if you’re ill on the day of my wedding?

A:  We take pain killers and carry on!   But seriously, if one of us is unable to attend your wedding, we have access to a number of trusted colleagues in the industry who we can call on at short notice.  The Guild of Photographers can also come to the rescue here, with a huge network of photographers to call on in times of emergency.

Q:  Can my guests buy pictures from my wedding?

A:  I’d love it if they did!  Once you’ve had chance to look at the images we’ll put them onto this website in a password protected area for your friends and family to look at.  There’s a wide range of print sizes (framed and unframed) to choose from as well as several other products to show off your photographs.  All printing and framing is carried out by one of the UK’s leading professional printing businesses.

Q:  Are there any other costs I’ll need to pay?

A:  There shouldn’t be, unless we need to travel a long distance to the wedding.  If this is the case we’ll make sure you’re aware of the cost before we agree the contract.  If you choose the Diamond package which includes a beautiful wedding album, there are many options to create an album that is unique to you.  Some of these options will incur an additional cost that will be clearly explained to you before you need to make any commitment.

Q: Do you provide a written contract?

A:  Absolutely, and we like to talk you through it to make sure you’re happy with everything

Q:  Is a deposit required?

A:  A modest non-refundable deposit of £150 secures the date in our calendar

Q: When is final payment due?

A:  75% of the remaining balance is due no less than 2 weeks before the wedding, with the remaining 25% due when the images are made available for you to view

Q: How long until I get to see my photographs?

A: Every photograph is carefully picked, processed and colour-corrected.  This is time consuming and it's important it is done well.  For this reason it typically takes three to four weeks to prepare the photographs for you.